Funny Roulettes At The Casino Online

This article will be very useful to all those online players who like spending a lot of time on Many online players play roulettes but they don’t even know where these games came from. Actually, when a new player starts to it is very likely that at the very beginning their only concern is about trying new gaming emotions, rather than knowing in depth the game that they are going to play. Nowadays there are funny and nice roulettes on the online casinos that you can find all over the web.

Let’s make here some history of these games. It is a casino game whose origins are in France (actually roulette means little wheel in French). The game consists in a wheel with 37 numbers including the 0 and the players have to place their bets on either a single number or more than one. All the numbers are divided in 2 main colors, black and red.

How Roulettes Work

As soon as all the players have placed their bets on one or more numbers, the croupier has to spin the wheel in one direction and while he immediately spins a little metal ball in the opposite direction. At this point, after running around the wheel, the ball starts to lose energy and it ends up to fall in one of the 37 numbers (in the American roulette there are 38 numbers). Who placed a bet on that lucky number is the winner. It is possible to have even more than a winner.

Historically speaking, the first form of roulette appeared in 18th century and it is commonly believed to be a mixture of an old English wheel game plus Italian board games plus an ancestral version of roulette already existing in France.

The roulette players have different betting options and before starting to play this game it is recommended to study the rules.

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